• High precision sampling chip used for precision measurement
• Suitable for multiple impact device & six types of hardness scales available
• Independent calibration mode used for error correction of each hardness scale
• Storage capacity of 200*32 measurements with hardness, time information, etc.
• Average measure mode support
• Contrast adjustable & Backlight capable
• RS232 interface for communication
• Support Online measurement

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• Test Precision: ±6HL, ±1HRC, ±4HB
• Upper / Lower Limits Setting: 170~960HLD
• PC Interface: RS232
• Screen Display: 128*64 dot matrix LCD, backlight and adjustable contrast
• Measuring Direction: 360° (down, inclined down, level,inclined up and up)
• Data Memory: 200*32 readings
• Maximum Hardness of The Measured Work Piece: 940HV (for D,DC,DL,D+15,C impact device)
• Radius of Rurvature of The Measured Work: Rmin=50mm (If using Alien supporting ring, Rmin=10mm)
• Recognition Function: Recognize the type of the impact device automatically
• Power Supply: 2 * AA alkaline batteries
• Shape Size: 109mm * 66mm * 28mm
• Material: Aluminium alloy
• Weight: 260g

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• Hardness Scales: HL, HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS
• Measurable Material: Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum casting alloy, copper zinc alloy(brass), copper tin alloy(bronze), fine copper
• Optional Impact Device: D/ C /DC / D+15 / DL/ G
• Standard Impact Device: impact device of Type D
• Keyboard shortcuts for material, units, direction and times configurations
• General calibration mode used for error correction of system error and impact device aging error
• Independent calibration mode used for error correction of each hardness scale
• Alarm mode used for over limit alarming
• Able to communicate with PC, and host Software upgradable
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