Conforms to ergonomics with high-resolution TFT LCD and unique sunshade design.
Advanced ARM processor, fast and real-time response.
Reducing the detection dead zone using high performance preamplifier.
Concise and convenient human-computer interaction
Mass storage of 4GB, long time flaw waveform recording.
Multiple communication interfaces, with amazing ability of data backup and recall
Protection grade IP64.
Keyboard with backlight
LEMO connector from Switzerland
With Ethernet port for communication
Rich operation helps, making user interface more friendly
Multiple screen color for the user to select Built-in AWS,API5UE standards

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Detection Range: 9999 mm
Working Frequency: 5~20MHz
Equivalent Input Noise : <15%
Velocity range: 1000-9999m/s
Pulser: Negative pulse
Pulse energy selectable for various probe
Tunable pulse width in the range of (0.1~0.5)us
Pulse Amplitude: Low(300V), Medium(500V),High(700V) optional to adapt different probe
Probe damper: 50ohm, 150ohm, 300ohm, 400ohm selectable to attain the different working requirement for sensitivity and resolution.
Dynamic range: >36dB
Digital suppression: (0~80)%, no effect on linearity and gain performance
System Linearity: Horizontal: 0.1% FSW, Vertical: 2.6% FSH
Resolution: >38dB
Electrical noise level: <10%
Filter frequency band: (0.25~20)MHz, match automatically depending on the frequency of the probe without manual settings.
Flaw detection channels: 200 groups of flaw detection channels.
Probe interface: LEMO, ERA 1S
Probe types: straight beam probe, angle probe, dual crystal probe, penetration probe
Power: DC 9V, working for 6~8 hours with lithium battery
Shape size: 220 * 156 * 58 (mm)
Ambient temperature: (-10~50)?
Relative humidity: (20~95)%RH

Notice: The index above is measured when using full-wave detector and the probe frequency is 2.5MHz.
Flaw detection function:
Wave peak memory: detects the highest wave of the flaw in real time and records the maximum of the flaw.
?value calculation : Automatically calculate and display the equivalent of the flaw after the straight forging probe detects the highest wave of the flaw.
Flaw positioning: Real-time display of the horizontal position, depth (vertical), sound path length
Flaw quantitative: Real-time calculation and display of the flaw equivalent using DAC or AVG
DAC and AVG curves: Automatically building after point calibration.
Curve surface correction: Correcting the depth and horizontal distance when using angle probe to inspect circle pipe.
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CSC Mode: inner arc/outer arc
Crack height detection: Calculating crack height via end diffraction wave.
In Gate broadening: Amplify the details of the echo wave to help analysis the echo wave.
Dynamic record: record, store and replay the real-time dynamic waves.
Wave form freezing: Freeze the wave form on the screen to help analysis the flaw.
Built-in standard: Set technology standard of the industries freely.
Echo wave coding: Input the thickness, and the detector will display different background color depending on primary wave, the secondary and multiple echo.
Built-in Standards: Setting varieties of industry standards easily.
Working modes: with straight beam probe, angle probe, double crystal probe, penetration probe.
Gate alarming: The position, width and height of gate A can be adjusted easily; Gate B can be chosen to set wave-in alarm or wave-out alarm.

Data acquisition:
Hardware real-time data acquisition?10-Bit A/D converter, acquisition rate 125MHz?hardware real-time data acquisition obtaining high-fidelity waveform .
Rectify: half-wave, full-wave, Radio-frequency detector.
Gain: 0-110dB?with the minimal step of 0.1 db, with function of automatic gain adjustment and scanning .
Gate mode: Single gate and dual gate Selectable, optional detection type of peak and edge.

Data storage:
Mass storage of up to 4G bytes, 200 groups of flaw detection parameter channels, combined parameters of all kinds of probes and instrument available,10000 groups of flaw detection echo signals and parameters.

Real-time clock:
Stable real-time clock available for the tracking and recording of the flaw detection.

Communication interfaces:
USB Host and Slave available for both PC and U disk.
Built-in wireless communication module.

Battery module:
Lithium battery module with high capacity, rechargeable both on-line and off-line.