• High precision sample chip and dedicated temperature compensation model used for high precision measurement
• Efficient filtering algorithm used for Anti-electromagnetic interference
• Probe can be re-matched with the machine after wear
• Mini-USB interface used for communication
• Support online measurement
• Contrast adjustable and backlight selectable
• Host Software upgradable
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• Measuring range: 0 - 1500 um for F type, 0 - 1500 um for N type (normal usage), 0 - 40 um for N type (Copper covered with chrome plate)
• Min. radius of curvature: Bulge 1.5 mm for F type, Bulge 3 mm for N type
• Min. radius of area: Φ7 for F type, Φ5 for N type
• Displaying accuracy: 0.1 um / 0.0001 mil
• Measuring error: ±(2% * H + 1) um
• Measurement period: 3 times per second
• Display: FSTN digital LCD with backlight
• Display contents: Thickness, Time, Stability, Battery, Measuring Mode, Probe type, temperature compensaion indicator, file storage, etc.
• Storage: 500 measurements, including thickness, time, probe type, etc.
• Communication: Mini-USB interface, virtual serial port protocol, support online measurement, host software upgradable
• Power Supply: 3 * AAA alkaline batteries
• Power off: Timeout power off, and low battery power off
• Temperature: Usage: -10 ~ 50 °C, Store: -30 ~ 60 °C
• Shape size: 150mm * 70mm * 30mm
• Material: ABS and PC alloy
• Weight: 180g


• High Precision Single Point Measurement, Scan Mode, Average Mode, Differential Mode and Alarm Mode support
• Zero Calibration,Two-Point Calibration and Basic Calibration can be used for system error auto correction
• Thickness and time information can be stored completely
• Stability indicator for measuring status monitoring
• Battery indicator for battery quantity monitoring
• Able to communicate with PC
• Able to print measurements with optional portable thermal printers